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Easy Baby Shower Ideas and Lots of FREE Printable Stuff That will Help You Throw Your Friend an AMAZING Baby Shower!



Easy baby shower ideas and printable stuff

Baby Shower Ideas Made Easy

  • Looking for printable baby shower invitations so you can easily WOW your guests to RSVP?

  • Want something to help you decorate your shower room with ready-to-print baby shower decorations?

  • Or maybe you just need help finding the right baby shower games that your guests and friends can enjoy during the shower?


If you answered YES to any of these, then you are up to some Easy Baby Shower Ideas, which is great because you will definitely find a lot of that right here! And we didn't stop by just providing you with tons of ideas and tips, we also made sure there are lots of free printables to go with that. But before we go on, always keep in mind:

Your Enthusiasm + Your Time & Effort + These Easy Baby Shower Ideas = AMAZING baby shower!


Are you a first timer, then our baby shower planning ideas and checklist are definitely worth checking! If you are eager to get those baby shower ideas we promised you, the best way to reach our ideas is via our baby shower themes page, wherein you will find our different ideas grouped together according to theme. You will find not just ideas and tips, but also free printables that can help you create your baby shower invitations, set the right atmosphere with the help of our printable shower decorations, and if you decided to have some party takeaways, you can even use our printable favor box templates to help you take care of these. Although you can easily access all of these via our baby shower theme page, these freebies are also easily accessible from our left navigation bar if you decided to go for a specific topic at a time.

And since we know that having the right baby shower games will indeed help you, we have prepared both traditional games – these are the games that are popular on baby showers and most of these are games that will require your guests to get out of their seats. And at the same time, we also have printable baby shower games that you can consider if you think your guests will welcome these kinds of games better. But there’s really no rule that says you only need to go for one kind of game. As we always say, if a mix of these two kinds of games is the better way to go, then make sure you have both kinds on your event.





Now that’s a lot of information and you might be feeling overwhelmed at this point. Don’t be, we are here to help! And always keep in mind the following, which should help you on your baby shower preparations:

  • You are NOT alone. She has lots of friends and relatives who are more than willing to lend a helping hand so don’t hesitate to ask help if needed.

  • There are lots of resources from the net, not to mention kind folks who are more than happy to give you an idea or two via one of the many baby-related or pregnancy-related forums.

  • The time and effort that you need in preparing her shower is relative, this will depend on how big your event is and how much you want to do things on your own. Off-the-shelf products are readily available and they can be a big help to baby shower throwers, one just need to use them wisely to make them really work and contribute to that GREAT baby shower

  • And most important of all… Whether it’s a big event with the whole shebang or a cozy and intimate time with friends, MOM-TO-BE will LOVE YOU for taking the time and making this special day happen!


Find out what's new and what's hot from Easy Baby Shower Ideas!


What's new at Easy Baby Shower Ideas

March 21 - These printable baby shower decorations are sans pinks and blues, so they will work great if she happens to love green, because that's the color of these free decorations.

January 11 - This girl baby shower invitation is perfect for all sorts of baby showers. Love it? Download it!

December 28 - Is she having twins? Check out this printable twin baby shower bingo, which involves lots of names of baby-related stuff coming in pairs, designed to be played the bingo method. They are just a few downloads away, so make sure you follow our link and get them.



Just remember. Easy baby shower ideas that will help you throw your friend a GREAT baby shower are just a few clicks away!












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